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Finding a Deeper Meaning of the Human Experience through Business, Economics, Technology & Anthropological Research

I love working at startups and enterprises with ideas that are changing the paradigm of technology+humanity.

My experience is multi-faceted and full stack, I've done everything from building a computer to selling API services in the Fortune 500.  I've migrated datacenters, monitored VM's and provisioned Dark Fiber Networks @Lucent.  I've consulted for non-profits, private offices, real estate, hedge funds, and healthcare and helped small businesses become small enterprises with exits in the billions. 


I have an insane passion for cutting edge technology, and for the past 16 years have been hacking at startups from Texas to Silicon Valley focusing on early cloud, SaaS, API's, analytics, applied computation, data lakes and graph databases to apply the next level of intelligence to our human condition.

I've produced hundreds of pieces of developer content that has been viewed by millions of developers around the world across front-end Javascript frameworks, and serverless APIs, all in an effort to fuel my own insatiable need for learning how to build What is Next for us all.   The artistic nature of the human condition is that good artist copy, great artist steal, and originals never let you know it. In the human git of things, there is a way for us to sync, fork and commit securely to the next chapter.


Originality is passé, execution and vision are in our achievable future, a future cultivated through thoughtful and deep perspectives empowering insight and bringing us closer to the dawn of Artificially Human Intelligence.


BetaNexus is as much about moving us all forward as it is a simple way to help make even the individual entrepreneur capable of making collectively smarter decisions.

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