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My lifetime of working with startups impacting hundreds of billion dollars in markets through cutting-edge technology is built on a simple strategy for discovering the "Who, What, Why, When and How" for sustained competitive innovation and revenue generation.

Business development to success and grow
Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Before you seek alpha, you must understand beta.  In any endeavor to turn a profit, there is a path of least resistance to gaining market-share and long term revenue generation.  An effective business strategy uncovers market opportunities easily and identifies disruptive ways to build a moat around revenue being generated.  

The most important part of any business strategy is the idea.  If you don't have a clear perception of where the product-market fit is, the opportunity, funding, research and development paradigms and so on, you will constantly suffer the challenge of answering the most important question, "Am I doing the right thing to execute on my idea?"

I help uncover past stories of leaders in the market your idea is in and develop frameworks and roadmaps to help you define where the best market opportunity lies for your idea while helping to develop confidence in the steps you will take to realize that opportunity.

A lot of times, even the largest of companies can fail to accomplish this simplistic task.  Beyond the endless charts of Market Research is the shifting consumer behaviors that drive purchasing patterns and net effective customer effectiveness.  



Economic Research
Display of Stock Market Quotes

Economic Research

Are you clueless about understanding how big of a market your idea is looking to disrupt?  If TAM is something you like to think about as much as green eggs and ham, SAM I am.  From soft numbers to getting an appreciation of market size, market share, customer attrition, seasonality and beyond, I can help give you a quick snapshot to help guide your confidence in the certainty of the market or markets you are in.

Technology Assessment
businessman holding tablet and showing a

Technology Assessment

 "The Greek word techne describes art and skill in making things. 

Techne is the work of a sculptor or a stonemason, a composer or a clock-maker. 

Ology is the study or the lore of something. Technology is the knowledge of making things.

Some argue that we shouldn't call our species Homo sapiens or the-wise-people,

but rather Homo technologicus or they-who-use-techne, for that is who we are"

- Dr. John H. Leinhard

Beyond a full-stack engineer, there is a full-stack product engineer who understands how the technology stack must be implemented to beat market benchmarks and enable scalable processes that empower people to deliver market-leading customer experiences.   Beyond the full-stack product manager, is a UI/UX Artist that ties together the vision of software, and hardware experiences.  Our work in startups, telecom, cybersecurity, healthcare, consumer electronic goods and beyond will help enable you to outpace, out feature, and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Without the right technology stewardship, an idea can rarely become an outlier.

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